The type of material you check out will determine how long you may borrow it:

Item Type & Loan Period

  • Books: 3 weeks
  • New Books*: 2 weeks
  • Movies: 2 weeks
  • Books on CD: 3 weeks
  • Music on CD: 2 weeks
  • Magazines: 3 weeks

* At Yates Community Library, most newly-acquired items stay in this category for no longer than 6-8 weeks.

Unless there are existing Holds, all items may be renewed one time, by phone, in person, or online.

Return library materials any time using the book drop.
It is located to the left of the Library’s front entrance door. Please do not return DVDs in the book drop, as they may be damaged when heavier items are deposited later.

Library materials from all Nioga System member libraries may be returned at Yates Community Library, where they will be checked in the same day and delivered to the owning library at no charge.

We appreciate your help in returning materials by their due date, so that they may be available to all borrowers. If not returned or renewed by the borrower on the due date shown on the checkout receipt, fines will begin to accrue. Fine amounts are 10 cents per day the library is open, on all items except DVDs, which are $1.00 per day the library is open.

Submitting your email address at registration will enable you to receive date due reminders and overdue notices (sent to your Inbox from

Yates Community Library borrowers with fines and/or Lost items amounting to $5.00 or more will have their borrowing privileges blocked until their account is paid to below that amount. Fines may be paid by cash or check at the Circulation desk.

Lost Items
After six weeks in Overdue status, items become designated as Lost. Borrowers should make arrangements to pay the replacement cost of a lost or irreparably damaged item at the Circulation Desk.

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