Library Funding: a Community Effort From the Start

Yates Community Library is grateful for the vital support it receives from the community it serves. As a non-profit educational organization operating on a minimal budget, Yates Community Library receives funding from a variety of sources. Residents of the library’s service area, the Lyndonville Central School District, voted in 1995 to provide stable, ongoing financial support via an annual tax based on property value.

The remainder of the operating budget income, approximately 15 percent, is provided by other local support. Yates Community Library is extremely fortunate to have generous community members who choose to remember or honor loved ones with monetary gifts designated for books, brick walkway pavers, furnishings, or even programming for all to enjoy. The steadfast, significant donations of two local businesses have truly made a difference in what our library is able to provide for the community.

Various other means of support are actively sought each year by library staff and trustees. The Orleans County Legislature currently supports all four public libraries in the county; in our library’s case, providing approximately 2 percent of our operating income. Grants from private foundations, most notably the Lyndonville Area Foundation and the Orleans County Foundation, plus New York State Council on the Arts funding distributed locally through GoArt, help us provide enjoyable programming designed to attract all age groups. Our Board of Trustees sponsors various fundraisers throughout the year, often with a goal of uniting the community as well as providing income. Last but not least, the Nioga Library System serves even our very small library in the same ways it serves its larger members, with grants to assist in summer reading programs, delivery of inter-library loans, computer training for library users, and consulting services to library staff, to mention just a few.

How You Can Help

Memorial / Honor Donation

Honor a loved one, living or deceased, with a donation. You may specify that books or other materials be purchased with your donation, and an attractive label will be placed in the front, showing your name and the person whom you wish to honor. An acknowledgment of your gift is sent to the family of the designee. Forms are available at the library; stop by or call us.

Memorial/Honor Garden Pavers

Your recognition of someone special will be visible to all in downtown Lyndonville through your purchase of an inscribed paver for the library’s Community Memorial Garden. Located just south of the library, and established in 2009, the garden’s brick paver walkway still has room for your desired order. Please call us or stop by to fill out a form with your desired inscription. Cost is $50.00 per paver.

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Mail a Monetary Contribution

Mail a monetary contribution to Yates Community Library, P. O. Box 485, Lyndonville, NY 14098. We thank you!

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